As your age and wisdom grow so do your challenges

If you want support in handling the sense of overwhelm that comes with later in life changes, we can help.

Sound Familiar…

  • You are on the verge of several major life transitions.
  • You are trying to hold on to your sense of normalcy, but the inevitability of change is creeping in.
  • You and your family members are starting to feel stress from the changes that are happening.
  • Everyone has their own ideas about what needs to be done, but not much is getting done.
  • Your ability to call the shots is shifting. Your family dynamics are changing.
  • You feel pressure knowing you have limited time and you want it to be meaningful.

It is possible to feel calm, in control, competent and capable.

You have spent your whole life learning, preparing, planning, and achieving. This stage is no different. You can set goals, have a vision, and reach it. You are the master of your destiny.

AND it is possible to have some FUN along the way. Heck, you deserve to ENJOY this life that you have worked so hard to create!

We can help you get clear on your next steps.

We are here to help you process through your changes, challenges, decisions and frustrations.

How It Works

Step 1 explore

Book a FREE 15 minutes call to discuss your challenges and explore how we can work together.

After our call you will decide if we are a good fit and you want to proceed.

Step 2 consult

Our first session together will be a full assessment that examines all areas of your life.

We’ll find where the pain points are what needs to be done to realize you vision for aging.

Step 3 Plan

Next, we develop a strategy to make your vision a reality.

We will provide you with recommended session topics based on your situation. You can decide which areas you would like to tackle.

Step 4 Act

Then, we start to take the steps necessary to get you to a place of calmness and control.

We will work through our sessions and will adapt and pivot as need be. This is your unique journey.

How We Can Help

Through 1-on-1 sessions, we will focus on the areas of your life that are causing the most uncertainty and overwhelm.
Each individual situation is unique. All sessions are tailored for your needs. Choose only what you need for your personal situation. 



Ensuring you have the support and services to remain as healthy as possible as you age. Knowing what help is available and what it costs.


Essential Documents and Plans

Giving you peace of mind knowing there are no loose ends and your wishes will be followed. Wills, funeral plans, appointed powers of attorney, advanced care plans and living wills.


Emergency Prepardness

Having important home-life-family information accessible in the case of an emergency. Knowing your options and vision should you experience a significant medical event.


Home Safety & Upkeep

Making sure you feel safe and comfortable in your home. Organizing, downsizing, maintenance, assistive devices, the use of technology.


Personal Finances

Examining your current financial position, knowing the value of your assets and living expenses. Exploring potential future expenses related to your aging needs and vision.


Exploring Housing Options

Examining potential future housing options that can support your aging needs and vision. Should you stay or should you go? Covering all the little steps along the way.

Investment – C$130 per session

Sessions generally run for 60 minutes.

Sessions fees vary based on the level of expertise and team member with whom you work.

These sessions may be covered under your extended health care benefits plan.

Check your plan for “social work service” or “registered social worker” coverage.

Examples of how we can help

Carole was frustrated she didn't have enough time to spend with her family

  • We did an assessment of all areas of her life
  • We identified the areas that were consuming her time
  • We did a financial check-up and determined a budget to cover tasks that could be outsourced
  • We explored available community services
  • We helped Carole select trusted professionals to help with her housekeeping and home/yard maintenance
  • We also updated her will, POA and completed an advanced care directive to give her peace of mind

Norma wanted to age in place but was worried her house wasn't suitable

  • We did an assessment of all areas of her life
  • We identified the trouble spots in her home which could be modified to be more age friendly
  • We helped her downsize and organize, coaching her through a clearly defined process
  • We explored the cost of home modifications and general upkeep and maintenance
  • She was connected with trusted local help for further consultation

Betty was ready to downsize but was overwhelmed with the next steps

  • We did an assessment of all areas of her life
  • We clarified her vision for aging to determine what type of housing options may be suitable
  • We did a financial check-up to determine what her monthly budget for housing
  • We researched potential housing options to suit her needs
  • We presented her with options for consideration and set-up on-site visits

Jean was fearing what would happen if she got sick

  • We did an assessment of all areas of her life
  • We made a plan to have her essential documents updated, including her will, POA and funeral plans
  • We completed her advanced health care directive
  • We introduced her to the long-term care intake process
  • We completed an emergency plan including a binder with crucial home-life-family information


These sessions may be covered under your extended health care benefits plan.

Check your plan for “social work service” or “registered social worker” coverage.

Having someone guide me to the resources and services out there would have been amazing.


Family Member

Attempting to make decisions about what to do next is difficult. Professionals have this knowledge.



Some expert advice would have been helpful. It is very overwhelming and emotional work.



Get Started!

If you are ready to stop worrying about your future and start taking action, let’s have a quick 15-minute call.

It costs you nothing but your time.

After that 15-minute call, we’ll both decide if we want to work together.
It’s really that easy to get started on making your vision a reality.

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