Hi! I’m Ellan Dickieson and I empower seniors to make informed decisions and eliminate the overwhelm that comes with later life changes.

Yes, that overwhelm that creeps in from time to time is more normal than you think.

I can confidently say this because I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Ellan Dickieson's Credentials

  • Master of Social Work with specialization in Gerontology
  • Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers (Registration #837026)
  • Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada
  • Personal Training Specialist with Active Aging Certification

If I had to guess…

You know you are so fortunate and have built a beautiful life. Yes, you ARE doing well. But secretly, inside you feel a little emotionally torn about this whole stage of growing old. Like, old, old. This transition into your third act is a harsh reality. There are so many changes that feel beyond your control.

And as the days go by you remain thankful and grateful but the uncertainty is getting heavier and heavier. You might be entering that extra scary place of wondering if you’re really making the right decisions. You’re questioning yourself, thinking, “What is coming next?” and “How will I manage?

You know you have people you can call upon. They have always been there and offered to help. But you were that person once and you know how that caregiver role plays out. You want your family’s experience to be different. You want to do it better. You know there is an easier, more enjoyable way.

You might think I’ve been stalking and spying on you, but the truth is I know this because I’ve been observing seniors closely since I was 13 years old and I have seen it with my own family. I’ve watched my family members doing all the things I just described, and if I’m really honest, I’ve watched relationships deteriorate during the process.

I know first hand that emotions run high during later life challenges. People don’t just fight over money and assets, they fight over whether you should stay in your home, how you have too much stuff and who cuts the grass. Yes, the grass.

Older people are not a homogeneous group and individual diversity increases with age.  We must celebrate and promote the individuality and worth of older people.

My services provide a customized and tailored approach to help seniors and their families navigate the many choices, challenges, and emotions that come with later life changes.

Seniors and families should not feel left alone in this journey. I believe that with the right support and help we can create a better aging experience. One that seniors truly deserve.

I started visiting the local seniors home (by myself) when I was 13 years old. I’ve watched seniors live their final years feeling scared and feeling like they’ve been pushed into a corner.

I’ve been the staff on night shift for a new resident’s first night. I’ve sat with them when they weren’t able to sleep. I have held their hand when they cried and grieved their loses.

I’ve been the social worker in the hospital, trying to make discharge plans for a frail senior while working with their very upset family members who were riddled with burden and grief.

I’ve also watched families and friends provide the most loving care that any human could ever ask for, to the point of near burnout.

Here’s the thing:

Nobody should live with the feeling of being forced into doing something they didn’t want to do.  Nobody should feel like they are a burden to their family.  And, nobody should live their final years unhappy.

I want your experience to be different.

Together, we can do better.

So, if you haven’t figured it out yet…. Later life transitions will test you (and likely your family members). Maybe even push you to your limits.

Transitioning to a new home, a new lifestyle, or a new state of health, takes patience, planning, arranging, sourcing and coordinating. All these things can really stress a person out! And, while you may have family and friends around to help, everyone has their boundaries and limits.

That’s why I offer my services.

Most people don’t think to ask for help until someone or the whole family hits their boiling point. (You know the old saying about the frog in the pot on the stove…) So, trust me, you’re not alone in thinking you can handle it all on your own. But, if you want to keep yourself and everyone else happy, it’s also your job to reach out for help.

I’m here to help you.

Together, we’re going to make sure your experience is better- one without stress and overwhelm!

That’s right, no overwhelmed seniors or family members!

Let’s make elderhood an exciting adventure. One that we’re in together.

“Ellan Dickieson, has been a real driving force behind the Age-Friendly City committee’s success.  If it was not for her perseverance, wide knowledge base about how community organizations and the City operate, and her willingness and ability to share that information with her AFCC colleagues so we could get ahead, we would have been derailed a few times. Her love of seniors is truly, truly remarkable!!!”

Committee Member

“Ellan is consistently pleasant and takes on all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. She is extremely flexible and has the knowledge and common sense to take on any tasks that are asked of her and complete these tasks successfully. Regardless of deadlines or other pressure, Ellan always delivers. Her superior organizational skills make her the consummate multi-tasker.”


“Ellan’s merging of perspectives, training, knowledge and skill sets allows her to approach her work with a holistic approach to assess the needs of the individuals with whom she works. She has the ability to understand the vast barriers that people face. It is the understanding of these complexities and her ability to help clients develop realistic action plans to meet their goals that serve her well in her work.”

Executive Director

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