Welcome to Senior Transitions Made Simple

As a team of expert advisors and specialists our vision is to create a better aging experience for seniors and their families. We do this by empowering seniors to make informed decisions and eliminate the overwhelm that comes with later life changes.

Our Team

  • Master of Social Work with specialization in Gerontology
  • Registered Social Workers and Social Service Workers with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers
  • Accredited Financial Counsellors (Canada)
  • Certified Consultants on Aging

Who We Work With

New Seniors

Young seniors and new retirees who are looking to make pro-active decisions about their retirement and  later life.

Seniors Aging in Place

Seniors who have decided they would like to remain at home as long as possible and may require help.

Seniors Looking to Move

Seniors who have decided that a move or downsize would be best to suit their aging wants and needs.

Experiencing a Health Crisis?

We help seniors and their families in times of crisis. We offer immediate access to a team member who can help map out solutions, advocate, navigate and coordinate with professionals and healthcare providers. 

How We Help With Transitions


Ensuring you have the support and services to remain as healthy as possible as you age and address health challenges.

Home Safety & Upkeep

Making sure you feel safe and comfortable in your home allowing you to actively age in place.

Personal Finances

Examining your current financial position and potential future expenses.


Essential Documents

Giving you peace of mind knowing there are no loose ends and your wishes will be followed.

Emergency Prepardness

Having important home-life-family information accessible in the case of an emergency.

Exploring Housing Options

Examining potential future housing options that can support your aging needs and vision.

These services may be covered under your health care benefits plan

If you have an extended health care benefits plan, check your plan for “social work service” or “registered social worker” coverage.

How We Work Together

Step 1 explore

Book a FREE 30 minute call to discuss your challenges and explore how we can work together.

Step 2 assess

Our first session together will be a full assessment that examines all areas of your life and your vision for aging.

Step 3 Plan

Next, we develop a plan to make your vision a reality. We make suggestions for session topics and you prioritize which areas you would like to tackle.

Step 4 Act

We work through our sessions to achieve your goals and adapt and pivot as need be. This is your unique journey.

10 essential documents for seniors

Wondering what documents are important to have in place as you age?

Get the checklist!

’10 Essential Documents for Every Smart & Well Organized Senior’

Get Started!

If you are ready to stop worrying about your future and start taking action, let’s have a quick call.

It costs you nothing but your time.

Hi! I'm Ellan, a Registered Social Worker and the Founder of Senior Transitions Made Simple. It is my vision to help seniors master later life challenges and maximize elderhood.

Since a very young age I have had a love for seniors. It is hard to put into words, but when it comes to me and seniors, something has always clicked.

I believe seniors deserve a better aging experience - one with a focus on person centred values - striving to put the person first, being inclusive and honouring the individuality, abilities and dignity of each person.

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Examples of How We Can Help

Betty was ready to downsize but was overwhelmed with the next steps

  • We did an assessment of all areas of her life
  • We clarified her vision for aging to determine what type of housing options may be suitable
  • We did a financial check-up to determine her monthly budget for housing
  • We researched potential housing options to suit her needs
  • We presented her with options for consideration and set-up on-site visits

Diane wanted to age in place but was worried her house wasn't suitable

  • We did an assessment of all areas of her life
  • We identified the trouble spots in her home which could be modified to be more age friendly 
  • We helped her downsize and organize, coaching her through a clearly defined process
  • We explored the cost of home modifications and general upkeep and maintenance
  • She was connected with trusted local help for further consultation

Investment – C$130 per 60 minute session

Our team members having various levels of expertise. Session fees vary depending on the which team member you may be working with.


These services may be covered under your extended health care benefits plan.

Check your plan for “social work services” or “registered social worker” coverage.

Elderhood isn’t about “treading water”. If you want a third act that allows you to remain in control AND feel good, you can have it. If you want to feel confident, competent and empowered, you can. If you want to feel calm about the later life changes and challenges you are experiencing, you can.

If you want something different, you need to do something different.

I am here to help you learn how.

“Ellan, has been a real driving force behind the Age-Friendly City committee’s success.  If it was not for her perseverance, wide knowledge base about how community organizations and the City operate, and her willingness and ability to share that information with her AFCC colleagues so we could get ahead, we would have been derailed a few times. Her love of seniors is truly, truly remarkable!!!”
Committee Member

“Ellan is consistently pleasant and takes on all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. She is extremely flexible and has the knowledge and common sense to take on any tasks that are asked of her and complete these tasks successfully. Regardless of deadlines or other pressure, Ellan always delivers. Her superior organizational skills make her the consummate multi-tasker.”


“Ellan’s merging of perspectives, training, knowledge and skill sets allows her to approach her work with a holistic approach to assess the needs of the individuals with whom she works. She has the ability to understand the vast barriers that people face. It is the understanding of these complexities and her ability to help clients develop realistic action plans to meet their goals that serve her well in her work.”

Executive Director

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